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Work begins on Kuwait`s $7m Barayeh Salem legacy project

Work begins on Kuwait`s $7m Barayeh Salem legacy project

Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, the general director of Kuwait's Municipality, said the project would be a tourist attraction, evoking the 1970s' and 1980s' era in Kuwait. 

During a tour of the project, he said the Salem Al-Mubarak Street had been closed to implement the project, which will "hopefully open next February". 

Nadia Al-Sherida, the Municipality Deputy Director for Projects Affairs, said the development of Salem Al-Mubarak Street would include 14 kiosks, in addition to gardens, fountains, and shaded areas. 

Additionally, Muhammad Al-Jabri, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, as well as State Minister for Municipality Affairs, said the Salmiya project will "reflect the country's beautiful past".

Commenting during the project's construction commencement, Al-Jabri said the development would also "encourage graduates and small enterprises owners to contribute to the Kuwaiti economy", according to state news agency, KUNA.


Written by  Neha Bhatia and originall published by Contsruction Week Online