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    Ibrahim Mohamed Jaidah

    CEO/ Chief Architect, Arab Engineering Bureau

    Ibrahim Jaidah ranks as a pioneer of a new architectural movement which combines the far-reaching influences of Islamic art with modern style to create memorable landmark structures.

    Ibrahim graduated from the University of Oklahoma (USA) in 1988, and has acquired AEB in 1991. Since then his firm has completed more than 1500 projects which he has overseen personally. His focus on vernacular architecture has brought a new dimension to architectural field in the region. His projects are considered to reflect cultural, historical and environmental context in which they exist.  He is a dedicated advocate for sustainability and is a co-founding member of the Qatar Green Building Council.

    In January 2010 Ibrahim’s commitment to cultural awareness and growth, and his passion for research resulted in the publication a book titled History of Qatari Architecture. It is a part of Ibrahim M. Jaidah’s legacy and is dedicated to those who built the unique buildings of the past and those who strive to become the great architects of the future.

    Arab Engineering Bureau

    Founded in 1966 Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB) is an award-winning firm of architects, urban and master planners, interior, landscape and structural designers, engineers, quantity surveyors and project and design managers with a truly inimitable portfolio. Founded in 1966 as the first architectural and engineering consulting firm in Qatar, AEB brings 49 years of experience to the construction industry.

    Over the past 50 years, the firm has evolved into a leading multi-disciplinary architectural design consultancy. AEB operates across the Middle East, with offices in Doha and Abu Dhabi; and South East Asia, with offices in Manila and Kuala Lumpur. Building on the firm’s pioneering work and consolidating a long-term commitment to future development in the region, AEB recently established an office in Muscat, Oman

    AEB draws on the strengths of a unique architectural methodology, established by its CEO, Ibrahim Jaidah, which portrays the present development and where appropriate, preserves and articulates the traditional Qatari Architecture.

    The firm works across extensively divergent project scales, typologies and environmental conditions with its approach grounded in the search for contextually appropriate, and environmentally sustainable solutions. With a growing number of GSAS projects in its portfolio, the firm considers every project to be a benefactor to a sustainable environment, local economy and community.

    As a trusted partner AEB aims to provide quality output at the highest standard keeping abreast with the latest innovations in the construction industry and by using state-of-the-art technologies.