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    Nadia Maqbool

    Director, Architect RIBA ARB, 23 Degrees North

    Nadia graduated from the Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture in June 2006 and became the first UK qualified female Omani Architect to achieve the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA) accreditation in August 2010. Nadia’s interest in creating sustainable cultural and environmental diversity is reinforced by her curiosity in how culture, memory and sustainability can play a positive interpretative role in architecture.

    She is a founding member of 23 Degrees North and has shared design direction with Stuart Caunt since the firm’s founding in 2011.Founded in 2011; 23 Degrees North promotes design which is sensitive to the health of the individual, the community and the environment. Our work is driven by a desire to respond to the needs of contemporary culture by evaluating and learning from the wisdom embedded within the successful innovations of local/ regional tradition.

    Trust is the basis of our relationships with our clients. We take a simple and direct approach and strive to establish positive working relationships by encouraging open and constructive dialogue at all stages of the design process. Our international reputation enables us to call upon a depth of resources from a world-wide network of affiliations to enable us to take advantage of specialist knowledge and to undertake larger scale projects.

    23 Degrees North is a chartered architectural practice and has received professional recognition from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Architects Registration Board (ARB). We work to professional standards of quality, integrity and competence. We endeavour to maximise the client’s investment and are motivated by a belief that ‘good design creates value’.

    Research is a fundamental part of 23 Degrees North’s success and ensures our continuous professional development within the field of sustainable/ appropraite design. It is simply a part of our everyday lives as leading thinkers and practitioners of architecture.

    23 Degrees North’s multicultural, international capabilities are shaped by the individual personal histories of its founding members Nadia Al-Lawati and Stuart Caunt. Our unique cultural influences create and stimulate discussion that enables us to explore innovative and inspiring solutions to the complex challenges of our projects. This lyrical/ conversational approach, one that is iterative and multi-disciplinary, prevents us from implementing a preconceived solution and encourages the framing and reframing of the problem until the design solutions