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    Simon Scott

    Head of International Business, Leslie Jones Architecture

    Simon has a broad base of experience, working consistently in the UK and internationally on mixed-use and transportation projects. Simon is recognised for his expertise in the design and delivery of complex projects from the masterplanning stage through to completion. Simon brings over 20 years of project experience and is passionate about producing both good design alongside deliverable and comercially sound solutions.
    His unique skill set and passion for design have led to his world-class reputation in delivering successful schemes across a range of sectors. His considerable portfolio spans transport, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use schemes and he is recognised in the industry for his expertise in design and delivery of complex projects from conception to completion. Simon relishes the challenge of working within the varied constraints of a project and is adept at finding innovative designs solution for his clients.
    He is leading the expansion of Leslie Jones internationally and the aviation sector with the recent appointment of Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai. He has a recognised skill and experience for retail led mixed use projects and aviation retail solutions worldwide.


    Leslie Jones Architecture

    Leslie Jones are renowned designers of commercial environments, from masterplanning to strategic retail design, concession fitout and design guidelines. The key objectives of our innovative designs are to create transportation hubs that are safe, considerate of passenger traffic flow and which create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere which is welcoming and uplifting. Our understanding of passenger interaction within transportation environments allows us to deliver integrated operational and commercial solutions. The extensive personal experience of key individuals provides a global experience and expertise in Transport Design. We include in our team Pragma Consulting Ltd, as Retail Analysts and sub consultants to Leslie Jones. Our teams have extensive experience of working together and arecurrently working together on Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai. We are also proposing that Wildstone Airports provide a limited consultancy to contribute to the definition of the cultural and promotional aspects of the scheme.