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    Tarek Shuaib

    Design Principal,Pace

    Since becoming Partner in 2005, Tarek Shuaib has been leading Pace as a Design Principal, Tarek focused on a number of key projects including the Jahra Road Development Project, Jamal Abdul Nasser highway, Arraya Center, The Avenues Mall, Kuwait Business Town, Central Bank of Kuwait, College of Basic Education, Kuwait International Tennis Complex, Subiya Road, in addition to a number of building and infrastructure projects as well as a number of projects that are now being constructed.

    Tarek Shuaib joined Pace in 1988, where he kicked off his career working on a number of esteemed projects such as the Bayan Palace and the Central Bank of Kuwait. Shuaib graduated from the American College in London in 1987 and obtained his Masters degree in Architecture from Washington University in 1998. Shuaib is a committee member of the Technical Board of the Union of Consulting Offices. He is also an International Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects, Member of Kuwait Society of Engineers, and Member of the Kuwait National Building Committee.

    Company Profile

    Pace is a multi-disciplinary professional firm specializing in engineering excellence, architectural brilliance and planning expertise. Founded in Kuwait City in 1968 by Hamid AbdulSalam Shuaib and partners, Pace follows a vision to contribute to the development of urban planning. Pace’s philosophy centers around providing architectural solutions, taking into account project functionality and user needs, thereby bringing integrity and innovation through designs. The scope of work extends across various sectors, including mixed use developments, healthcare, public institutional, educational, commercial, retail and recreational leisure. Notable projects for Pace on a local level include: Central Bank of Kuwait, The Kuwait National Museum, The Kuwait College of Education and The Avenues. More information is available on the website: http://www.pace-kuwait.com/