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  • Yann Dhalluin

    Yann Dhalluin

    Commercial Director Middle East - Kohler – Kitchen & Bath, EMEA

    All my team met very good contacts in terms of design, consultants. It was an amazing day! We had an opportunity to present our brand and our product. This event will let us build a lot of projects in the region in the future, maybe even around the world

  • Jamil Jadallah

    Jamil Jadallah

    Managing Director - National Engineering Bureau

    An event like this is very good for our company in different ways.  For example, it will introduce us to others. We will introduce our company to others so more people will know us and we will come to know more people. This is marketing on both ways.

  • Hazem Midani

    Hazem Midani

    Deputy General Manager - Sara Group

    The event is very important to the networking we do. We met a lot of interesting people, lot of interesting architects, designers, consultants and developers that are key and instrumental to our business. It was very nice to see some of the speakers that are currently our clients and some of the speakers that we are presenting and pitching too. So, this was very important. At the same time, we learnt several new things. It was very enlightening. 

  • Simon Scott

    Simon Scott

    Head of International Business - Leslie Jones Architecture

    It’s been super. There are some very interesting people that are here. This event reminds you to keep learning. I’ve enjoyed it very well. 

  • Thomas Behr

    Thomas Behr

    Managing Director - SOM

    ‘It’s a very interesting event where Leaders from all practices are coming together. The conference just started and we already got a very good insight on local large business and how they see the architecture developing’

  • Ruedi Bleiker

    Ruedi Bleiker

    Export Manager - Bauwerk Parkett

    I have flown all the way from Switzerland for this event and have met people that I could never interact or meet at any event be it exhibitions or conferences. I am surprised by the quality of people. The event was well setup and the networking session with these industry professionals is something that saved our organization a lot of lead time along with understanding the present situation of the upcoming projects. You will surely see me again

  • Baharash Bagherian

    Baharash Bagherian

    Designer & Founder - Baharash Architecture

    Leaders in Architecture MENA is a great platform to introduce Baharash Architecture and to share our experience in the region. It’s a unique event that provides more than just insight and learning opportunities. We are looking to connect and meet with the industry’s leading experts, as well as new clients.

  • Lara Camilleri

    Lara Camilleri

    Managing Director - Bridgepoint

    “I believe Leaders in Architecture MENA is dealing with so many architects, so many well established companies in the MENA region, and it really was a very good start. People are willing to get to know your product especially as a startup company in the MENA region. It has been fantastic and we will definitely be back. This conference has been done perfectly well.”

  • Yausif Albaker

    Yausif Albaker

    Principal - Al Baker Architects

    “Leaders in Architecture MENA is a great catalyst for architects to communicate with each other's work and discuss their issues what they are dealing with.”

  • Raya Ani

    Raya Ani

    Founder - RAW-NYC

    “Leaders in Architecture MENA is a very interesting event because it's about the debate and discussion, rather than everyone showing their work, it raises a lot of issues and challenges we need to talk about and it helps us to network with colleagues and also a good opportunity to have new clients.”

  • Marwan Houry

    Marwan Houry

    Principal - Stantec

    “I really enjoyed the group of professionals that have the experience, very eloquent, they know what they’re talking about, we learn a lot from each other, and it’s a great opportunity for us to establish bridges and create a collaboration and teaming with each other. I look around the room and I don’t see a competition, what I see is opportunity for teaming up and to work together with the best clients for this region.”

  • Sara Qais

    Sara Qais

    Project Manager and Architectural Engineer - ARUP

    “What you’re doing is really not just connecting architects you’re connecting ideas and you’re connecting diverse professionals. Even among us architects we are different. We get to know from this event who can do what and if I have an idea I know who can build it for me. That’s what Leaders in Architecture MENA does.”

  • Sumaya Dabbagh

    Sumaya Dabbagh

    Founder - Dabbagh Architects

    “Leaders in Architecture MENA is definitely a great forum to get the top architects in the region to come together and dialogue and discuss the issues that are a concern or a challenge in the region.”

  • Jennifer Dixon

    Jennifer Dixon

    EMEA Architecture Leader - AECOM

    “I’ve been hugely impressed by Leaders in Architecture MENA, I really experienced the level of engagement on panel discussions and that just demonstrates that there is a hunger in this area for architects to get together and debate the issues which are of interest to our profession and ultimately the interest to our clients so I think this summit plays a very important role in development of profession in the UAE.”

  • Tim Makower

    Tim Makower

    Founder - Makower Architects

    “I found all of the discussions interesting and valuable, certainly I’ve met useful and valuable contacts, in the interim sessions.”

  • Patrick Feildel

    Patrick Feildel

    Manager - Nobilis

    “We realized that there was a lot of customer that we didn’t know since we are mainly catering for designers, and not enough architects which is a really good opportunity for us. I found the quality of the attendees’ high level, people who can decide. Compared to a normal exhibition, we are closer to people, and it’s easier to get in contact with them.”

  • Suneer Thajudeen

    Suneer Thajudeen

    Managing Director - Grandeur Design & Trade

    “This event is very helpful and knowledgeable for me to know what is happening exactly, the realistic things which is happening behind the scene because at the end of the day people only see the tall tower but they don’t know how was it created, why was it created, what was the motivation, and their in-depth feeling to make something like that so it's a really great to opportunity to meet those people and listen to their experiences.”

  • Akram Al Mahood

    Akram Al Mahood

    Head of Urban Planning - Dewan Architects

    “I think it’s a good opportunity to meet other people and discuss openly some of the critical issues of the practice and also how we are going to manage business and the clients. Exchanging ideas is very important. It’s a collaborative kind of discussion between people in different topics that is going to develop awareness about the issues and challenges. Networking is also very important.”

  • Stephan Frantzén

    Stephan Frantzén

    Group Director - P&T Group

    “I think it’s important for any type of education or to open your minds to talk to other likeminded people in the same profession. It’s always fruitful.”

  • Charles Dalluge

    Charles Dalluge

    President, Chief Operating Officer - DLR Group

    I’m enjoying it immensely, learning a lot, it’s wonderful that I come here to Dubai and I see people that I haven’t seen in a while and making new friends and getting more acquainted with people that I’ve known for a long time. There are very few events like this that bring new friends and old friends together so I applaud the effort.

    I also applaud the fact that there’s an equal amount of panels and the opportunities to have the conversations in between the sessions and over a cup of coffee to further explore some of the topics, which a very healthy mix.

  • Harry Downie

    Harry Downie

    CEO - RMJM International

    Leaders in Architecture MENA gives great opportunities for the different architects who practices to come together and exchange ideas without the feel that they’re giving business away or giving secrets away. This is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and all learn and move forward.

  • Issam Ezzeddine

    Issam Ezzeddine

    Principal Design Architect - National Engineering Bureau

    I would love to see more summits like this because it is more into the current status of creating more business to the developments of the country particularly in Dubai and the more summits we have the brighter eye you will come up with developing designs.

  • Ian Apsley

    Ian Apsley

    Main Board Director - Broadway Malyan and Chairman of the EMEA Region

    I think it’s very interesting to have a form to meet purely as architects. There a lot of these events in this region where you will meet real estate professionals and engineers. But I think to meet just pure architects to share stories are very valuable.

  • Dr. Hasim Altan

    Dr. Hasim Altan

    Associate Professor - Sustainable Architecture of British University

    I think this is an excellent event and I’m really excited to be part of it. I will encourage my colleagues and my professional students to come and join the conference.

  • Shawn Basler

    Shawn Basler

    Principal and Executive Director - Perkins Eastman

    This event creates a platform for everybody to talk. Dialogue is always good so this is more of a platform you create that the people can share ideas and share dialogue. Nobody has all the answers but whenever we get together and able to talk about them people can sort of share ideas through them, this is really what we need to have more.