Ahmed El-Sharabassy
CEO & Founder,Sharabassy Built-Environment Studio

An experienced architect, a creative designer and a fearless dreamer. He won his first design award at the age of 19 by creating a concept of “experience capsules” Pedestrian Bridge! That was the corner stone of his belief that creativity and innovation cannot be limited by static norms. To fulfill his vision of developing design concepts, he worked and researched in the field of Co-design and Relations with children believing that such young & limitless minds are the raw form of creativity and the innovative designers of the future. Ahmed holds a Master Degree in Architecture and he is the CEO/Founder of Sharabassy Built Environment Studio (Cairo / Dubai). Equipped by 400+ designs presented to 12 countries and 1000+ school students trained in Cairo & Dubai

Sharabassy Built-Environment Studio

SHARABASSY BUILT-ENVIRONMENT STUDIO is a research based design studio and an educational institute located in Dubai Design District d3 with offices in Cairo and Jeddah as well, we use research and development as a core value not only in the design process but we also incorporate human interactions and training outcomes from our selected workshops and courses according to client needs