Ammar Al Assam
CEO,Dewan Architects and Engineers

Ammar Al Assam is the Chief Executive Officer at Dewan Architects and Engineers. He joined Dewan in 2001, and has taken the lead in developing and implementing the strategic plan for the growth of Dewan into a regional multi-disciplinary and multi-market leading A&E firm. In 2007, Ammar led the transaction team that secured a strategic investor in the form of Ithmar Capital, a leading regional private equity firm, thereby allowing the firm to successfully expand within the region and penetrate new markets. Serving as both Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, Ammar continues to be actively involved in the development of new business opportunities, harnessing strategic relationships and partnerships, and in breaking into new vertical and geographical markets. Dewan has successfully set up regional offices in Qatar, Saudi, Iraq and Philippines in the last 7 years. With the growing importance of environmental consciousness and the need for expertise in designing buildings that are green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Ammar has helped lead the development of the corporate culture of the firm to be one that is focussed on designing buildings that are sustainable and Dewan has actively and successfully designed buildings that have received LEED and ESTIDAMA certification. Today, Dewan Architects + Engineers is a truly regional firm operating in the Gulf, the Levant, and North Africa, and offers multi-disciplinary design services with the firm being ranked by prestigious industry publications in the Top 50 globally and Top 4 regionally.

Dewan Architects and Engineers

With over 33 years of commitment to excellence in design and the built environment. Dewan Architects + Engineers has a flourishing and successful legacy spanning over 33 years. Through the spirit of its long standing culture of fostering strong relationships and encouraging dynamism and leadership, the firm has grown into one of the region’s leading and highly reputed architectural and engineering consultancy firms. Dewan is a reflection of the diverse and passionate mix of people within the firm and it is through this multiplicity that we strive and grow. Creativity and utilizing the right people for the job is the driving force behind building the teams that can work closely with the clients to help achieve the task at hand. These powerful relationships, enforced by the talent and passion of the teams, are what drive the projects and the relationships to deliver quality to the end user. As an active member of the communities we live and work in, our responsibility is to be a conscientious participant in this global world and to contribute positively and actively with a clear vision of adding value to the environment that we live in. A passion for excellence is tangibly evident in every stage of a Dewan project, from design conception to successful completion of construction. Dewan’s steadfast commitment to sustainable design and construction resonates across the firm which is dedicated to employing design and construction practices that minimize resource consumption and the negative impact of buildings on the environment. Dewan’s architects and engineers are LEED Accredited Professionals and ESTIDAMA Certified Professionals


“It gives me a great pleasure to be a part of the upcoming Leaders in Architecture MENA Summit.  Given the current geopolitical and economic trends in the region, architecture can and should be both an agent that shapes and is shaped b y the changes, and this forum will be a great opportunity to discuss our roles as architecture in how e can help create positive changes in our built environment.”