Baharash Bagherian
Head of Urban Planning, SEE Nexus,Diamond Developers

Baharash Bagherian strives to develop innovative and creative solutions that make a positive contribution to our current and future generations.  His studio is working on some of the most challenging projects by thinking holistically at all scales. Each project is designed to provide a higher quality of life whilst also protecting the environment. His work is driven by a process of investigation and experimentation. This process is driven by a continuous pursuit of always asking “what if?”. Thus each project presents an opportunity for a new way of thinking.

Diamond Developers

Diamond Developers was founded by an extraordinary team of visionary entrepreneurs, architects and civil engineers.

We were one of the first companies in Dubai to enter the freehold property and real estate development industry since the introduction of freehold property ownership in 2002 and we are the proud pioneer of the world’s first fully sustainable community.


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