Dalia Hafiz
Assistant Professor,College of Architecture & Design,Al Ghurair University

Dalia Hafiz is an architect, academic, researcher, and phenomenologist who has a passion for environmental design, she received her PhD and master’s degree from the school of Architecture and Design (A+D), Virginia Tech. She received her in Architecture from the same school. She was recognized as the best design research student by the School Of Architecture and Design in Virginia Tech twice.  Also she was awarded the Richard Kelly Grant for lighting research excellence in 2015.

She taught and helped teaching various courses in both architecture and interior design fields in several universities in US, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

One of Dalia’s research explores ways to enhancing the relationship between the education and practice of architecture. In addition to this she has other research that examines the daylighting dynamism which can create uncomfortable situations causing visual discomfort. She focuses on the time and space dynamics of the daylight condition, the representation and re-imagining of these dynamics especially in the early stages of the design process.

This research area has numerous applications in a diverse of fields: Behavioral decisions in transit stations, wayfinding in interior spaces and outdoors, design aid for visually impaired/elderly and energy saving technologies.

Dalia published articles related to this research in several conferences, newsletters, and publications including Transportation Research Board (TRB-2016), Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) research symposium III- 2016. BESS (Building Environmental Systems Symposium), ARCC (Future of Architecture Research 2015) and NIBS (National Institute of Building Sciences) conference and expo 2014. Her research has been selected for publication in multiple journals including NIBS Journal, Enquiry: The Journal for Architectural Research, and a book chapter “Design Innovations for Contemporary Interiors and Civic Art”.

She is looking in her future research to collaborate with professionals and other academia to explore potentials to bridge architecture education and practice. She is looking to extend her previous research to examine visual discomfort conditions for elderly, in addition to possibilities to expand the research to adapt dynamic eye movement and test different visual discomfort relationships with noise, acoustics and thermal discomfort.

College of Architecture & Design,Al Ghurair University

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