Emad Jaber
Founder & Managing Partner,LACASA

Emad Jaber, Managing Partner Bio Named as the Executive of the Year at the Middle East Consultant Awards (2015), Emad possesses over 34 years of experience in the region, making him an industry leader who has contributed to the shaping of the design & construction industry across the Middle East and North Africa. As the founder and Managing Partner of LACASA, he has been recognized as one of the most powerful architects in MENA by Middle East Architect magazine and Construction Business News since 2014. In addition to his work within the design industry, Emad is also a prominent property developer in the West Bank and in Jordan, working on transferring design and construction expertise to these emerging markets. His most recent project is the Mall of Palestine, the country’s largest shopping destination extending over 60,000sqm and set to open its doors in early 2019.

LACASA Architects & Engineering Consultants- Profile LACASA is an award-winning quality-driven international Architectural & Engineering firm based in Dubai with offices across the region. Founded 12 years ago by Emad Jaber & Nabil Al Khaja, LACASA has become one of the most accomplished multidisciplinary Architectural Design firms in the region with a diverse portfolio spanning all types of developments. Thanks to a talented team of Architects and Engineers with various professional backgrounds, LACASA has designed over 300 projects consisting of residential, commercial, hospitality, and mixed-use developments as well as master plans and interior designs. LACASA strives to provide its clients with the highest quality designs and services. While it is said that nothing is perfect, the firm believes that perfection in design can be achieved by cultivating extraordinary and diverse talent. The management does so by supporting its team of architects as they learn, innovate, and evolve. LACASA also places a strong emphasis on the development of emerging architects in the region by launching challenging design competitions, contributing to architectural education, and supporting regional educational institutions.
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