Geert Reitsma
Head of Abu Dhabi Branch,CEBRA

Former OMA director, Dutch architect Geert Reitsma has been named as the new head of  CEBRA’s Abu Dhabi office.

Reitsma had a leading role at OMA’s MENA offices in both Dubai and Doha and was responsible for projects such as Qatar’s Hamad International Airport City, the country’s  Cultural and Sports Hub and East Town in Cairo, Egypt.

His career spans 20 years covering commercial, academic and public sector developments, including international architecture and planning across Europe, China and the MENA region where he has lived and worked since 2008.

Reitsma has a BSC in architecture and a MSC in urbanism and has lectured at Delft University of Technology, Peking University in Beijing and the American University of Sharjah.

CEBRA is a Danish architectural office founded in 2001 by the architects Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen. Based in Aarhus in Denmark and in Abu Dhabi the firm employs a staff of 50.

CEBRA is a Danish architectural office based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, working on cultural, educational and housing projects. The office was founded in 2001 in Aarhus, Denmark by the architects Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen. It currently employs an international staff of 50 people with multidisciplinary skills and one strong passion in common – architecture. Social responsibility and user needs are the creative fuel for CEBRA. The admired traditional Emirati cultural heritage and local building traditions are translated into contemporary regional and sustainable architecture. That is why CEBRA’s architecture is often called people friendly. It merges human empathy and a strong architectural expression in each project. It adapts to local and climatic contexts, social environments and users while supporting sustainability. CEBRA’s working process is based on dialogue, collaboration and content-driven interdisciplinarity.