Hichem Nechadi
Vice President - Office Practice Leader,CannonDesign

Hichem has over 16 years of experience in the design, planning, management and delivery of complex projects, with a diversified portfolio, including healthcare, education, mixed-use and hospitality, he has been pursuing work all over the Middle East and has held managerial positions, including 5 years serving as Vice President and Practice Leader for CannonDesign. Hichem partners with clients as a Design Leader, Client Leader, Trusted Advisor, Design Manager and Project Architect. His leadership is built upon the development and advancement of client relationships through clear communication, innovative design and projects management expertise.

Research-focused and inventive, he constantly rethink how spaces can be designed to forge stronger ties between communities, the built environment, and nature. He leverages human-centric design thinking in creating new processes, systems and environments.

Hichem is a sustainability advocate, he explores passive and active design strategies from project inception and champions the integration of performance goals into the design solution.

Hichem enjoys leading large multi-disciplinary groups and knows how to create performing teams while bringing a detail-oriented focus on design, quality and administration to every project.

CannonDesign is an integrated global design firm that unites a diverse team of strategists, planners, architects, engineers, and industry specialists driven by a singular purpose statement: together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society. By beginning our purpose with the word “together,” we pose a question of great significance: How is our creative process shaped by the voice, values, and vision of our clients? To answer that question, CannonDesign has developed a powerful approach to problem-solving by leveraging the strengths of three core drivers of sustainable success: Integration, Innovation, and Performance. We begin our engagement process by understanding our clients’ business strategies and culture, and aligning ourselves with them. Drawing from our diverse and multi-disciplinary resources, we assemble the best talent from across the firm into a fully integrated team poised to explore our client’s challenges and opportunities from a broad perspective. Our team works to understand every dimension of our clients’ objectives to build an approach that delivers highly successful outcomes. No matter the project size, no matter the market or client type, CannonDesign’s unique process framework allows us to shape a customized approach attuned to each client’s challenges. CannonDesign’s culture is defined by an unparalleled degree of accountability that ultimately translates to performance outcomes defined from our client’s perspective – how best to achieve results, and how to ensure that innovative solutions deliver these results in clear and measurable terms. Through this process and this culture, we work with clients in a shared spirit of collaboration, integrity, and purpose.
“As design professionals, we create transformational environments and shape our future for years to come, the built environment is all around us, everywhere we go! It has such an enormous impact on how we live, work, play, learn, research and heal. We are responsible for getting it right for us and for future generations; this is an important mission and can’t be taken softly. The opportunity of leveraging a forward looking humancentric approach, engaging with our clients and multidisciplinary teams to create high design, sustainable & innovative solution and functional performance to advance our communities and clients businesses is exciting and is an endless source of motivation.”