Kourosh Salehi
Design Director,X-Architects

British architect and urban designer with 25 years’ experience delivering complex architectural projects in the UK, China and the Middle East. He has successfully completed a number of key award winning multidisciplinary International projects and has collaborated with a number of other signature designers of international repute. Currently at X Architects -Dubai, he handles the responsibilities of leading multi-discipline design teams in architecture and urban designer. Kourosh also has academic experience as a university visiting tutor and examiner in the UK and the UAE, and has published numerous Design Articles

X-Architects is a critical architectural studio founded in 2003 by principal architects Ahmed Al-Ali and Farid Esmaeil. Both principals are strong proponents of Arab Culture and its translation into contemporary design. X- Architects believes in design as a process. We research into creating a built environment that is adaptive and contextual. We see architecture as a language that speaks of the place. Our sensible, yet critical design approach recognizes the inherent complexity in modern day building and harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are culturally robust, place sensitive and environmentally friendly.
“X Architects is pleased to support Leaders in Architecture Summit ,the Summit is a key learning platform to discuss the latest global markets trends in the industry.”