Markus Rutschmann
Branch Director,O B E R M E Y E R PLANEN + BERATEN GmbH

Markus is a seasoned and qualified architect, with 25 years international experience of successfully performing leadership roles with architectural and engineering businesses. Markus has a proven track record of project design and delivery on a diverse range of scales and complexities.

He has a natural ability to coordinate ideas, plan and direct progress and inspire teams to realize visions, achieve goals and ensure client and stakeholder satisfaction.


Founded in Munich in 1958, the OBERMEYER Corporate Group now ranks as one of Germany`s largest independent engineering consultancies.

With more than 1400 employees in its numerous subsidiary and associated companies throughout Germany and in many countries abroad the OBERMEYER Group offers integrated planning for all fields of construction planning: buildings, transport as well as energy and environment.

Among our permanent staff are experts from the disciplines architecture, civil engineering, traffic planning, structural planning, supply engineering, electrical engineering and surveying as well as natural scientists, IT specialists, economists and business management experts.

The OBERMEYER quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1997.

As of 18th November 2016 DQS has confirmed the introduction and application of an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001. At the same time you can find a document outlining our energy goals here.


“Obermeyer has always been at the frontline pushing the boundaries of innovation, with ultimately sustainability, client and enduser satisfaction in mind. It is important to mention innovation and sustainability in the same sentence, as the one cannot exist without the other. At least not in Urban Planning & Architecture. A lot of Tech companies and Technologies only have a singular objective or purpose. This is where planners, designers and engineers have the skills and tools to utilize all these new applications to serve the greater good, which is ultimtely to improve the quality of life and our living environment. The Leaders in Architecture Summit is the podium where our industries‘ thought leaders come together to discuss and hopefully even tackle some of these crucial topics and their future relevance.”