Muhammad BinGhatti
CEO & Head of Architecture,Binghatti Holding

As an Architect, Artist and Poet, Muhammad BinGhatti sees the potential of art in every aspect of human life. From this perspective, his ultimate objective at Binghatti Holding has revolved around the notion of depicting “The Art of Property”. As the CEO & Head of Architecture at Binghatti Holding, Muhammad is leading the company into its third generation with the ambition of creating a renaissance of property and business in the region.

BinGhatti’s position as CEO & Head of Architecture stems from his education as an architect and his background in business, enabling him to balance the creativity required to produce iconic designs while retaining the pragmatism necessary to build and grow a successful business.

Raised in the UAE throughout its growth and expansion, Muhammad BinGhatti was determined to redefine the norms of architectural design and business in the region by producing iconic designs that blend form and function to deliver timeless elegance.

Having successfully established a common ground between local and international real estate trends through the expansion of Binghatti Developers, BinGhatti has produced a viable alternative to some of the larger market players in the UAE.

Muhammad is proud to champion the UAE’s vision to always aim for number one. He positively embraces challenges and overcomes them on a continuous basis, and this has been the leading force behind Binghatti Holding’s contribution to the UAE economy and people’s lives.

Binghatti Holding

Binghatti Holding is an international investment holding company headquartered in Dubai International Financial
Centre (DIFC). The company focuses on high growth potential projects in the Real Estate, hospitality, education,
industrial, construction and FMCG sectors. The company seeks to redefine the norms of the region by delivering
reasonably priced high-quality products and services in a timely manner.
Binghatti Developers, the real estate development branch of Binghatti Holding operates throughout the UAE with
a value of more than AED 3 Billion and 30 projects, including the AED 1 Billion Swarovski Sparkle Towers in Dubai
Marina. The company currently operates in several areas throughout Dubai including Business Bay, Dubai Silicon
Oasis, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Liwan, and Dubailand Residence Complex.