Muhammad Binghatti Aljbori
CEO & Head of Architecture,Binghatti Developers

As the CEO & Head of Architecture at Binghatti Developers, Eng. Muhammad Binghatti Aljbori has spearheaded the dynamic growth at the company with more than 12 projects launched in 2015 throughout the UAE. Mr. Aljbori’s position as CEO & Head of Architecture stems from his education as an architect and his background in business, enabling him to balance the creativity required to produce iconic designs while retaining the pragmatism necessary to build and grow a successful business. Raised in the UAE throughout its growth and expansion, Aljbori was determined to redefine the norms of architectural design in the region by producing iconic designs that blend form and function to deliver timeless elegance. Having successfully established a common ground between local and international real estate trends through the expansion of Binghatti Developers, Aljbori has produced a viable alternative to some of the larger market players in the UAE.

Binghatti Developers
Binghatti Developers is an innovative Dubai based property developer led by CEO and Head of Architecture Muhammad Binghatti Aljbori. The dynamic company offers iconic properties with groundbreaking architectural designs, timely delivery, and unrivaled lifestyle amenities. Empowered by experience in the MENA region since 1875, the brand seeks to redefine the norms of the industry by introducing world class construction materials and quality finishing, paired with iconic, modern design and aesthetics. The company’s vision is to cultivate Binghatti Developers into a premier development brand in the region by establishing an architectural tour de force focusing on quality, unmatched attention to detail, and timely delivery. The company’s focus on providing world class architectural design persists despite the higher cost of construction and solidifies our commitment to providing iconic homes that exceed the expectations of the sophisticated buyers and investors throughout the Dubai real estate market. All Binghatti Developers buildings are designed and built in a way that is simply unmistakable. The company’s intention is to ensure each and every resident is proud to tell their friends and family that they live in an iconic Binghatti building. The company has committed itself to these values and developed a solid reputation in the market built on a strong portfolio of completed projects throughout the UAE. Whether it is the value-driven ideas brought to life, the unmatched attention to detail, or the commitment to exceptional quality, the company is a reflection of all the great things Dubai has to offer.
“I am thrilled to speak at the 9th edition of the Leaders in Architecture Summit in Dubai. It is an incredible honor to communicate about our projects, distinguishable architectural style, and achievements. We work extremely hard to ensure that all our projects feature iconic architectures and distinctive visual identity, and I believe that this summit is an excellent platform to speak about our ambition of creating a renaissance of property in the region as we look forward to developing more iconic projects in the region.”