Why Invest

Connect with the decision makers from the leading global and regional architecture firms

Leaders in Architecture Summits hosts key executives from the multidisplinary practices from across the region and the world who are currently having or planning to have multi million euro projects. The summit will give you a unique opportunity to shake hands, network and establish business connection with the decision makers who’s one word and approval can secure contract and open doors for your ogranization in the world of latest and most exciting regional projects.

Create New Business Opportunities and Secure New Clientele

Take advanage of Leaders in Architecture Summit b2b meeting program in order to establish raport with the projects holders acorss the region who are in the process of looking for the solutions for those projects. The meetings will allow you not only to present your company but also break ice and develop new business friendships that can turn into ROI for your company. Vow your clients with your networking skilis and personal charm during informal networking sessions and evening receptions to cement your success at the event.

Increase Your Brand Recognition and Showcase Your Product

Take advantage of a unque opportunity of being only one out of few companies in your category to highlight your portfolio and benefits of your solutions to the most senior and powerful decision makers in the region. Align your brand with the only event in region which host the most selected, powerful and celebrated group of decision makers who can open door for various new business projects. It is a truly unique opportunity to establish and elevate your brand in the region where the competition is fierce!

Maximize Your Market Exposure & Reinforce Your Position

Take advantage of over 20 hours of networking in order to meet the most number of decision makers and avail new projects. Addres the audience with the keynote presentation showcasing your brand and actively participate in the debate that shape the future of the architecture sector development.

Achieve Your Business Objectives

Where you are new in the market and what to understand its dynamic or your veteran who wants to shows its commitment to the industry clients, where you would like to get new sales leads and secure new contract or support existing relationship, Leaders in Architecture Summit, will provide you with tool to achieve your objectives!