Simon Moon

CEO, Atkins Middle East

Leaders in Architecture is a great event! It brings together the best of architects, designers, engineers to really discuss and talk about current market and current environment, how we can work together to really make a difference. It’s a great event and I’d encourage everyone to come.

Raya Ani

2017 President, AIA Middle East, Founder, RAW-NYC

Leaders in Architecture is very important. It’s great to have discussions and debates with your colleagues and clients. This event creates a platform where we can share ideas and thoughts.

Gary Rawlings

Design Director, Gensler

Leaders in Architecture gives a real opportunity to discuss how the influence that we have in our build environment elevate architecture

Firas Hnoosh

Principal & Design Director, Perkins+Will

It’s been a great experience. The subjects  that are put on the table are very intriguing and provocative. It’s very important.

Dan Flower

Design Director UK, Europe & Middle East, HKS

It’s beneficial to have shared conversation to understand where each other at. We nourish ourselves and our clients though better understanding of where we are coming from and where they are coming from. So to be part of the conversation is important for the profession in order to understand where it’s at and the way forward. It is Leaders in Architecture Summit that really gives a platform to discuss that and share a vision forward.

Uwe Nienstedt

General Manager Dubai, Associate Director, SOM

It is an important event. It’s good to connect to people who have the same quality of standards and outlook as well exchange ideas

Hassan Gardezi

Principal & Market Leaders, NBBJ

Leaders in Architecture gives you an ideal opportunity to be in one place and share experiences. It find this event very beneficial as it is geared to architecture. We are able to brainstorm and share idea on how we can all be successful and how we can serve our clients and at the same time bring value to our region.So this so this event is geared to architecture, it invest architects and is so much more beneficial than other meetings that happen in the region.

Ragheda Sleiman

Sales Manager, Quinette Gallay

Leaders in Architecture is an important event for us to be part of because we get a chance to meet all the architects and consultants that we were looking forward to meeting.  Throughout these two days we got the opportunity to meet some interesting firms that could have some projects that can be interesting for our business. We had great meetings and we certainly want to be a part of the event next year.

Mike Thompson

Operations Manager Middle East & S.E. Asia, Nchibo

It’s a highly professional summit ad certainly the people that we met are decision makers. It’s very difficult to get in front of the decision makers in this region and it can take a long, long time. So it’s a very advantageous event for us. Given what we have experienced this year at the event, I will be very keen to sponsor Leaders in Architecture again next time.

Walter Wiesner

Export Manager, LAMM

I truly believe it’s has been extremely good opportunity for us to bring our product from Italy to this part of the world. Despite the fact that people know us, it’s great to be in contact, face to face with all relevant architects in the region. I really congratulate organizers and looking forward to see you next year.”

Ian Purser

Director of Architecture, PACE

Leaders in Architecture is  a strong event. It’s great to have a chance to network & hear opinions of other leaders, global and regional practices. It’s rare that we get an opportunity at this level to talk about our work. This conference is one of those opportunities for architects to come together & share their ideas.

Ignacio Gomez

Design Director, AEDAS

Aedas has been a keen supporter of Leaders in Architecture MENA. It offers an annual platform for industry professionals to get together, share ideas and discuss important issues in the region. We are delighted to participate in the 2018 edition again and we look forward to inspiring dialogues at the summit

Simon Moon

CEO, Atkins Middle East

“I’m delighted to be joining the summit as I’m passionate about delivering a future which is socially economically and environmentally sustainable. This summit is an ideal platform to discuss the advancement of the built environment in the region.”

Philip Gillard

Vice President, KEO

“It is my pleasure to participate in the upcoming Leaders in Architecture & Design MENA Summit. I am excited about this opportunity to join prominent peers in the industry and discuss future opportunities and trends that are shaping the architecture industry in the region. I have no doubt that this event, now in it’s 9th edition, will present a great platform to promote advancement in architecture and design. This aligns very well with our progressive vision in KEO, to bring innovation and technical excellence to the market and book our global presence as a design powerhouse.”

Brian Johnson

Managing Partner, Godwin Austen Johnson Architects

The Leaders in Architecture Summit is one of those events that is of significant value to us and well worth making the effort to attend. The panel discussions in particular are a useful barometer of what’s going on in the region and provide us with a great opportunity to discuss topical issues with industry colleagues

Daniel Hajjar

Senior Vice President, Managing Principal EMEA, HOK

The Leaders in Architecture MENA  Summit is a key event in facilitating dialogue not only amongst design professionals but also political and thought leaders to seek solutions to many of the world’s challenges in the built environment, HOK is pleased to be able to contribute and participate in this event which has grown in stature since its inception.

Jennifer Dixon

Head Of Architecture EMEA, AECOM

I’ve been hugely impressed by Leaders in Architecture MENA, I really experienced the level of engagement on panel discussions and that just demonstrates that there is a hunger in this area for architects to get together and debate the issues which are of interest to our profession and ultimately the interest to our clients so I think this summit plays a very important role in development of profession in the UAE

Carson Shearon

Principal, Director, International Practice, Cannon Design

The Leaders in Architecture and Design MENA Summit continues to be a rich platform for peer leaders to come together and dialogue about our experiences in the region; I look forward to seeing you in Dubai in April!I am delighted to represent CannonDesign again at this year’s Leaders in Architecture and Design MENA Summit in Dubai.

Yann Dhalluin

Commercial Director, Kohler

All my team met very good contacts in terms of design, consultants. It was an amazing day! We had an opportunity to present our brand and our product. This event will let us build a lot of projects in the region in the future, maybe even around the world

Ian Apsley

Main Board Director, Broadway Malyan

I think it’s very interesting to have a form to meet purely as architects. There a lot of these events in this region where you will meet real estate professionals and engineers. But I think to meet just pure architects to share stories are very valuable

Issam Ezzeddine

Principal Design Architect, National Engineering Bureau

I would love to see more summits like this because it is more into the current status of creating more business to the developments of the country particularly in Dubai and the more summits we have the brighter eye you will come up with developing designs.

Marwan Houry

Principal, Stantec

I really enjoyed the group of professionals that have the experience, very eloquent, they know what they’re talking about, we learn a lot from each other, and it’s a great opportunity for us to establish bridges and create a collaboration and teaming with each other. I look around the room and I don’t see a competition, what I see is opportunity for teaming up and to work together with the best clients for this region

Patrick Feildel

Manager, Nobilis

We realized that there was a lot of customer that we didn’t know since we are mainly catering for designers, and not enough architects which is a really good opportunity for us. I found the quality of the attendees’ high level, people who can decide. Compared to a normal exhibition, we are closer to people, and it’s easier to get in contact with the

Shawn Basler

Principal & Executive Director, Perkins & Eastman

This event creates a platform for everybody to talk. Dialogue is always good so this is more of a platform you create that the people can share ideas and share dialogue. Nobody has all the answers but whenever we get together and able to talk about them people can sort of share ideas through them, this is really what we need to have more.

Amjad El Tayeh

Senior Manager, Design & Development, Bloom Holidings

It’s a great event for architects, engineers and developers to meet and exchange ideas as well as agree on the ways to collaborate together.

Sumaya Dabbagh

Founder, Dabbagh Architects, President, RIBA Gulf

Leaders in Architecture MENA is definitely a great forum to get the top architects in the region to come together and dialogue and discuss the issues that are a concern or a challenge in the region

Tomas Behr

Managing Director, SOM

t’s a very interesting event where Leaders from all practices are coming together. The conference just started and we already got a very good insight on local large business and how they see the architecture developing

Sam Chee

Sales and Marketing Manager,, Ferco Seating

“We are delighted to be a network sponsor for Leaders in Architecture MENA in its eighth year as this is the only event which brings together the most prominent decision makers from across the world representing the top global firms and architecture. Meeting these decision-makers is vital for us in completing our objective of expanding our portfolio in the MENA region, by networking with new clients and business partners as well as exploring the market for new business opportunities. We manufacture and install seating systems for conference halls, auditoriums, universities, cinemas, theatres and public areas, we will be displaying our seats at the event.”

Ammar Al Assam

CEO, Dewan Architects + Engineers

“It gives me great pleasure to be part of the upcoming 2018 Leaders in Architecture MENA Summit. Given the current geopolitical and economic trends in the region, architecture can and should be both an agent that shapes and is shaped by the changes, and this forum will be a great opportunity to discuss our role as architects in how we can help create positive change in our built environment”

Charles Dalluge

President, COO & Board Member, DLR Group

As President, COO and Board Member of DLR Group, an integrated design firm with 1,200 professionals in 29 offices and projects in more than 40 countries, I am excited about the opportunity to speak at Leaders in Architecture 2018. DLR Group is ranked in the top-10 of all U.S. design firms and is 100% employee-owned. In 2017, DLR Group planned, programmed and designed over 2000 projects with an estimated construction value exceeding $3 billion dollars.

With DLR Group offices in both Dubai and Nairobi, Kenya, we provide planning, master planning, architecture and interior design services throughout the MENA region